Add a plugin to a mono repository

In this part, we are going to add a plugin to an existing mono-repo.

Open a terminal and go to the packages folder.

Go to the packages folder

cd ~/repos/0000000-demo_mono_repo_app-rubigo/packages

Create a Flutter plugin

fvm flutter create -t plugin --platforms ios,android --org com.example --ios-language objc --android-language java --project-name my_plugin ./my_plugin

Open/restart Android Studio

Android studio might not detect the new folder. Restarting Android Studio fixes that.

Commit plugin

We will use Android Studio to review and commit files.

Choose Commit

Add plugin as a module

Android Studio => File -> Project Structure => Modules => + => Import Module

Navigate to my_plugin folder and choose “Open”. Be aware that the initial folder that Android Studio suggests might not be part of your current project.

Select “Create module from existing sources”, choose “Next”Deselect all lines, except the one with Flutter, choose “Next”Deselect all, choose “Finish”

Commit add plugin as a module

Choose “Commit”

Add plugin as a dependency

Open demo_mono_repo_app/pubspec.yaml and add my_plugin, and run pub get.

Commit add plugin as a dependency

Choose “Commit”

Change main.dart to use plugin

With some small changes, we can call MyPlugin.platformVersion, which gets information about the current OS.

Commit changes to main.dart

Choose “Commit”


These are all the steps that are needed to add a plugin to the mono-repo.

The app final app can be downloaded from: