Design phase

Design phase

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The design phase defines for a large part if a project will be successful.

  • If the design has flaws, the implementation will have flaws.
  • If the design is not clear, the customer’s vision will almost always be different than yours.
  • If the design is not complete, the customer will argue that the missing parts must be part of the solution. Delivering an incomplete product could not have been your goal, is it?

The design phase is the most important part of a project. Once everything is clear, documented and agreed, it only has to be implemented.

By saying that it “only has to be implemented”, I on purpose minify the importance of the implementation phase.

If you have a good design, you only have to write it out in code. The design will be the guide how to structure your code, classes, database tables, and folders.

I am used to writing my designs in Microsoft Word. It may not be the best tool, but with some macro’s it gets the job done.

The design can be split up in the following parts:

  1. Interview with the customer
  2. Write design with wireframes
  3. Send a wireframe version of the design to the customer
  4. Adjust the design with the customer’s feedback
  5. Send the design to a screen designer
  6. Replace the wireframes with the designed screens
  7. Send the definitive version for approval to the customer
  8. When the customer agrees, let’s start coding!